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At Beloit, being on stage isn’t relegated to only those students who are majoring in the fine arts. Everyone can get involved, whether it’s building a set, working behind the scenes, performing in student-written or student-directed one-act play, or getting together a group to compete in the 48-hour film festival. Riff from behind the microphone with your own show at WBCR, or get goofy with improv troupe Voodoo Barbie. Show your smarts with a student symposium.

Musicians will find ample opportunity to perform, both in the college’s bands, small groups, and choirs, as well as C-Haus and local open mikes, while Chelonia, an annual dance concert, is populated with dancers and non-dance-majors and people-who-never-thought-they’d-dance-onstage-in-their-lives alike.

Additionally, the on-campus Wright Museum of Art is often the site of student readings and performances, and regularly features student work and student-curated exhibits.

If being a member of the audience is more your speed, the college’s calendar is loaded with performances every week, including international lecturers, free film screenings, musical performances both staid and wild, and the great annual outdoor fall concert, Folk’n’Blues.