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Wage Scale

Class I


Class II


Class III




Position does not require special skills, knowledge, or prior experience at time of hire.  Complete on-the-job training is provided.  Student is assumed to have basic computer skills.  First year students often fill this position. Some special skills, academic training, or prior experience required at time of hire.  May require 1 – 2 semesters of previous course work or training.  Significant advanced skills, academic training, and/or prior experience is required at time of hire.  May require 3 – 4 semesters of course work or training.  Upperclassmen usually fill this position.



Straightforward, simple, and well-defined job tasks.  Overall scope of work does not vary significantly from day to day.  No supervisory responsibility.  More challenging, less structured job duties.  Work may vary from day to day according to departmental projects and needs.  Requires a higher level of initiative and responsibility.  Student may direct work of other student employees.  Developmental, semi-skilled position. Complex and difficult job duties.  Significant level of responsibility and accountability.  Student directs work of four or more student employees.  Nature of work is paraprofessional, i.e. a trained assistant to a professional.  Upperclassmen usually fill this position.



Student works in a supervised area with a higher level of oversight.  Work is well structured, scheduled, and performed according to established departmental procedures.  Student receives specific and detailed instructions and guidance with opportunity to make only basic, task specific decisions. Student works under a moderate level of supervision.  Job duties/schedule are not as structured and may be more project oriented.  Supervisor provides general instructions and guidelines with less oversight and direction of detail.  Student exercises some discretion in choosing the best means to do the work.  Student works independently to attain overall goals established by supervisor/advisor.  Has total responsibility for all aspects of planning and implementation.  Is expected to make decisions and complete projects on his/her own.  Student interacts with supervisor/advisor only to inform, problem solve, and/or review results.


Personal Contact

Job requires no personal interaction or, interaction is brief, infrequent, incidental. Job requires a higher level and length of personal contact with individuals other than co-workers. Job requires extensive and ongoing one-on-one personal contact.


Difficulty of Filling Position

Position has good working conditions and hours.  Many applicants to choose from.  Easy to fill. Harder to find students qualified or willing to do the work, or to work the available hours.  Fewer applicants to choose from.  Position may be perceived as less desirable than other student positions on campus but is essential to the work of the department.  Work may be physically demanding. Position is selective.  A small number of students meet the required qualifications.  Most difficult to fill.