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Supervisor Toolbox

Supervisors will maintain a professional and mentoring attitude that will help student employees learn about the responsibilities of work as well as basic job skills. This important function is a part of a supervisor's job description and performance evaluation. Supervisors will assume normal supervisory responsibilities as follows:

  • Provide student employees with complete written job descriptions, training, and orientation.
  • Participate in the job search process including recruiting and interviewing.
  • Assume the responsibility of hiring and terminating student employees.
  • Be certain all student employees have prior authorization to work from Payroll/Human Resources.
  • Complete formal and informal performance evaluations.
  • Perform administrative tasks involved in student employment, including: assigning of hours, verifying monthly hours worked on each time sheet, signing time sheets, and monitoring the student employment department budget and student employee's earnings. Earnings must not exceed the student's total award unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Maintain a current listing of open positions on the Portal, removing job ads as they are filled.
  • Report all student-employees job-related injuries or illnesses promptly to Human Resources, ext. 2628.

First-year and transfer students who have met employment requirements received yellow Student Employment Verification cards on move-in day or in their campus mailboxes. Please insist that these students show you this card before you allow them to begin working. Students without a card are not authorized to work.

Returning students do not receive yellow cards. Instead, we prepare a list of returning students who are authorized to work on campus. You can find the list on the left side navigation of the employees section of your Portal account after you have logged in. Please consult this list before allowing a returning student to begin working. Refer students with questions about their work eligibility to the Payroll Office at x2298.

No contracted services are permitted. During the first three weeks of the fall semester, preference and priority must be given to students who have work as a part of their financial aid.

You must keep all job descriptions for your department on file in your office.

Refer to the Portal--Employee Resources, Payroll, and Timecard Entry Resources--for specific directions on time entry and payroll process. Supervisors must have direct knowledge of the hours worked by each employee.

Upon request, the department head can receive an itemized budget statement from the Payroll Office. This statement itemizes the student employees who were paid and the amount of their earnings.

Students cannot work or be paid until they have:

• Authorization from Financial Aid.
• Completed Form I-9 and W-4.
• Work Permit if Under Age 18

Students must complete a separate time sheet for each month of the year and for each position held.

Students are responsible for accurately recording and totaling all hours worked. Enter all start and stop times, and designate A.M. and P.M. hours. Students must sign their timecards and notify their department supervisors.

Supervisors are responsible for verifying the accuracy of electronic timecards. Refer to Employee Resources in the Portal for additional information.

Students will receive direct deposit notifications by email.

For additional information regarding student employment wage rates click here.

Students should be formally evaluated by their supervisor each semester (you may do this more often) to improve communication and measure improvement. Objective evaluations provide a counseling and coaching opportunity for supervisors and employees. There are several purposes for these evaluations:

  • To encourage communication between the supervisor and the employee.
  • To motivate employees toward greater self-development and improved performance.
  • To provide a positive aspect of employee supervision by evaluating an employee's strengths and weaknesses.
  • To give recognition for past work and focus on future objectives.

Supervisors and student employees are expected to participate in these formal evaluations and to use these times for open and constructive discussions. The evaluation form is discussed, signed by both the student and the supervisor and retained by the supervisors office. Evaluation records should be shredded one semester after a student has ceased employment with that department.

A supervisor who is dissatisfied with a student employee's performance should inform the worker and help him/her to improve. If the supervisor then desires to terminate the student's employment, s/he should inform the student and the Financial Aid Office in writing. The supervisor should advise the student to report to the Financial Aid Office to look for other employment.

For information on Student Employment Policies & Procedures, click here.