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Current Student Job Opportunities

Communications and Marketing - Videographer II

  • Complete Job Description (PDF):

    Communications and Marketing - Videographer II

    This position is part of the Collective.

    The Collective aims to create a collaborative environment where students are able to complete both assigned and self-designed projects with a greater degree of creativity and agency. In short, it is an effort to help students make the most of their work study by allowing them to develop their technical and professional skill sets, produce tangible work which they can claim as their own, learn and discover new areas of interest, and enjoy themselves while contributing to the goals of the organization.

    We're looking for:

    • eagerness to learn
    • enthusiasm
    • positive attitude
    • sense of humor
    • excitement about Beloit College
    • pride in the Beloit community
    • team players
    • bold thinkers
    • students who will push us to think creatively

    Applying for the Collective

    All positions in the Collective are open for rehiring every semester. This is done to allow any student to apply for any position, to encourage students to explore a variety of work, and to compel students to create and regularly maintain their professional resumes and portfolios.

    Those interested in being part of the Collective should submit an application along with a resume (required) and portfolio (encouraged, depending on position). The deadlines for applications are December 1st for spring semesters and May 1st for fall semesters.

    Those with questions are encouraged to contact Melissa Dix at

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