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Information Technology - Assistant Class II

  • Complete Job Description (PDF):

    Information Technology - Assistant Class Two

    The Information Technology department provides technical support for hardware and software in faculty and staff offices, computer labs, classrooms and other public spaces. The IT Assistant student positions play a crucial support role in responding to student, faculty, staff and guest requests and working with other Information Technology and Library staff in completing various technology-related projects. IT Assistants work in Mayer Hall, the Library or both locations.

    Special Skills/Notes: Familiarity with specific computer software: Google Apps, Moodle, Microsoft Office, Mac OS, Windows OS, Symantec Antivirus

    Familiarity with specific equipment: computer equipment and peripherals, networking equipment, multimedia equipment   

    Open Positions: 3-4
    Hours per Week: 5 to 10  

    ISR - IT applications can be picked up at Mayer Hall - 2nd floor or found online here: Application

    General questions contact:

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