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Learning Enrichment and Disability Services - Tutor

This listing was posted on Jan 19, 2017 and will run for 90 days until Apr 19, 2017.

Complete Job Description (PDF):

Learning Enrichment and Disability Services - Tutor


Positions Available: 90
Work Available: Spring Semester

Tutors provide individual and/or small group assistance 1 – 10 hours per week to students enrolled in Beloit College courses. Tutors, with assigned tutees, arrange tutoring times (up to 2 hours per week per course for tutees) and locations that work for both entities. Tutors complete at least one hour of training prior to employment. Tutors communicate in a timely manner with the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office (Office) and tutees, follow the guidelines presented in training, and complete administrative tasks (time sheets) as requested. 

Applicants must be a Beloit College student, have the recommendation of the appropriate faculty member for the course(s) they desire to tutor, be knowledgeable in the course area, be able to effectively communicate this knowledge, and be in good academic standing overall. Applicants must be willing and able to work effectively with students from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. Applicants must have completed appropriate paperwork with the Human Resources Office (HR). Applicants need to complete at least one training session each academic year before they will be assigned a tutee. Tutors must be able to maintain the privacy of their assigned tutees. [Note: Priority will be given to tutors who have work awards as part of their financial aid.]

Additional information is available at:


Applications are being accepted throughout the semester.

Students applying must:


For more information, please contact:

Aaron Wilson
Learning Enrichment and Disabilities Services, 2nd Floor Pearsons

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