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Learning Enrichment and Disability Services - Accessibility Assistant

This listing was posted on Oct 5, 2017 and will run for 30 days until Nov 4, 2017.

Complete Job Description (PDF):

Learning Enrichment and Disability Services - Accessibility Assistant


Positions Available: 5-8
Work Available: Spring Semester, Fall Semester
Special Skills Required: Proficiency in Psychology or History

Beloit College‚Äôs Learning Enrichment and Disability Services (LEADS) seeks Accessibility Assistants Fall 2017 & Spring 2018. 

Specifically, we are looking to hire students that were successful in the following courses: 
- Zoology (BIOL 111), 
- Biological Psychology (PSYC 230), 
- History (HIST 150), and 
- Psychotherapy and Psychological Testing (PSYC 375). 

An Accessibility Assistant will convert texts and course materials into accessible formats, including Braille and Word documents that text readers can read aloud. Training will be provided. 

Accessibility Assistants, among other responsibilities, coordinates services for students with disabilities in order to provide those students equal access to the programs and services of the College. At times, the office will seek to hire students who will aid in this endeavor. 

These roles include but are not limited to: readers, scribes, working with students with disabilities, and/or using technology and/or tools to create access. Depending on the particular need, the requirements of the role will vary. 

In all cases, the ability to listen to and understand directions will be required. A willingness to work closely with students with disabilities is required. Creative problem-solving skills a plus. 

Interested individuals should send an email of interest, including a note about proficiency in above subjects, to Aaron Wilson at After a brief interview, a professor recommendation will be requested.


Applications are being accepted the positions are filled.

Students applying must:

  • Contact Directly via Email
  • Provide Note about Proficiency


For more information, please contact:

Aaron Wilson
Learning Enrichment and Disability Services

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