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On Campus Employment Opportunities

  • If you have been offered Federal Work Study or Campus Employment as a part of your financial aid, you are responsible for applying for and securing work on campus. The resources below are available to help you in your job search.
  • Students should be prepared to provide employers with proposed class schedules at the time of application.
  • The positions listed online are not exhaustive; while campus employers are highly encouraged to post positions online, it is important that you network on campus as you may discover other positions that have been posted.

Current Student Job Opportunities

This is a list of positions that are currently available on campus.  It is updated regularly, though at the beginning of the semester if may not be completely reflective of what positions are open.  Remember to check back frequently.

Student Employment Job Descriptions

This is a comprehensive list of student work positions that exist on campus, not current openings.  It is for reference only and should be used as students think about their remaining time at Beloit and consider positions that may better fit their interests and skills. 

Other Employment Opportunities

If an on-campus job is not available, or if a student wants employment above and beyond his/her work allotment, s/he should check the off-campus employment section of the Employment Opportunities bulletin board located outside the Financial Aid Office. Grocery stores, pizza places, and private individuals often employ Beloit students, and other local businesses periodically have openings as well.