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Get Approved to Work

To be authorized (allowed) to work on campus, a student employee must:

  • Have a work opportunity allotment as part of his/her financial aid package.
  • Have submitted an I-9 Employment Eligibility Form to Payroll/Human Resources demonstrating that s/he is eligible for employment. This must be on file prior to the first day of employment. Students who submitted I-9 Forms during a previous academic year do not need to submit another form.
  • Have submitted a W-4 Withholding Form to Payroll/Human Resources prior to the first day of employment.
  • Students who are under 18 years old must obtain a work permit from the State of Wisconsin. If a student does not have a work permit, Payroll/Human Resources will issue one. Payroll/Human Resources must have a copy of the work permit on file before a students begins campus employment. Payroll/Human Resources will also need the student's birth certificate and original social security card as well as written permission from the parent(s) allowing the student to work on campus.

Limits On How Much A Student Can Earn

As participants in the college work-study program, students may only earn up to the amount they were awarded in their financial aid package. Students who would like to earn more, or would prefer to work less, should notify the Financial Aid Office to see if an adjustment can be made. Students who over-earn their work allotments may jeopardize their other forms of financial assistance.

Falling Short Of The Work Allotment

Sometimes students are unable to earn their entire work allotments due to scheduling conflicts, inability to find work, heavy course loads, delay in starting work, etc. If a student encounters this problem and anticipates that financial difficulties will result, s/he should consult with the Financial Aid Office to see if an aid revision is possible. In some cases, the Financial Aid Office may be able to replace the work allotment with a loan.