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Student Employment

Welcome to the campus employment program at Beloit College. Working on campus provides students with a valuable extension to the educational experience at Beloit while earning money to help meet expenses.This site is offered to guide students through the process of both securing a job and being paid.

The purpose of student employment is three-fold: 1) it provides students a means of financial assistance; 2) it can be a valuable part of the overall educational experience; and 3) it benefits both the employee and the institution. To these ends, Beloit College offers a full program of student employment which provides job opportunities across all academic and administrative departments at the College.

The student employment program is governed by certain policies and procedures with which students should become familiar. These policies and procedures are detailed fully in this website.  The site also includes examples of the employment-related forms that must be filed in order for a student to work on campus.

Students who have questions about work as a portion of their financial aid package, adjusting their work award or finding work should contact the Financial Aid Office.  Financial Aid staff are located on the 2nd floor of Pearsons Hall and are available by phone at 608-363-2663.

Students who have questions about payroll forms, timecards, paychecks, or W-2 earnings statements should contact Payroll.  Payroll staff are located in the Human Resources Office at 726 Church Street, behind the Morse Library, or by phone at 608-363-2298.