Meals at Beloit set the table for community.

Feel good about what you eat

Some of your most enduring college memories will come from conversations around the dining table, and the meal shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Beloit’s dining hall takes a farm-to-fork approach. We put a premium on fresh ingredients from family farms, our student-run urban garden, and food producers who use humane, environmentally friendly practices.

Craving something from home? Our menu draws inspiration from all over, including recipes submitted by students and their families.

Fresh, local, and in season

Beloit’s dining service provider is a leader in sustainability . That means your meals are based around fresh, in-season ingredients that generate less waste, emphasize fair trade, and have a low carbon footprint.

Your campus dining options include vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menus at:

  • The Commons Café in Chapin Hall is the main dining hall. It has a comprehensive menu including global cuisine, comfort food, fresh soups and salads, and self-serve rice bowls.
  • Hamiltons in the Powerhouse student center houses a casual café with grab-and-go food options.

Dine out near campus

If you want a change of pace, the City of Beloit has a growing reputation as a foodie destination powered by the state’s second-largest farmers market.

You’ll find plenty of dining options within walking distance or delivery range , including authentic taquerias, sushi, pizza, burger joints, late-night pub grub, red-sauce Italian, and an organic café just down the hill.

Cooking for your community

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