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Our Services

SSS students receive ongoing support and encouragement before, during, and after they attend Beloit College. Students' individual needs will determine the type and level of support services they receive, but our constant goal is for them to get the most out of their Beloit College experience. Our services include:

Academic Advising & Personal Counseling
The foundation of our program rests on the on-going individual academic advising and personal counseling that students receive from SSS staff and peer mentors.

Advising is provided to help students focus and direct their academic efforts toward their chosen areas of interest as well as potential career goals.

The personal counseling services provided by SSS can help students overcome common college concerns such as stress and anxiety. Beloit College also has a Health and Wellness Center with Mental Health Counselors on staff for any extensive issues or concerns.

Financial Awards/Scholarships

First and Second-year students may be eligible for a financial award/scholarship from the SSS Program.

Grants usually range from $550 - $1,200. 

Awards are distributed during the spring semester.

To be eligible, students must:
            Receive a Pell Grant
            Be an active participant in the SSS program
            Attend a mandatory Financial Literacy workshop
            Complete a Grant Aid Award Application

Peer Mentors
The SSS Peer Mentor Program is a formal program designed to be a comprehensive support system for students by students. 

The goal of the program is to help students achieve academic and personal success.  Peer mentors (PM) are second, third and fourth-year participants who are committed to developing long term relationships with new participants.


Free tutoring is available to all Beloit College students. Students can receive tutoring services from a variety of sources including:
            the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services office
            Departmental tutoring & TA’s for a variety of courses
            The Writing Center

SSS also offers the following free tutoring resources to our participants:

Study Tables

SSS offers group tutoring in several subjects. The most common subjects are Calc, Econ, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese; however, offerings vary by semester.This tutoring is available on a drop in basis (no appointment required) and is free of charge. For more details contact our office.  STA Resource Manual

Writing Coaches

The Writing Center and SSS have joined forces to offer students a peer tutor in the Writing Center.  This is a great chance to get “reserved seating” to include this resource in their academic routine. The SSS Writing Center tutors can help students with managing their workload, staying on track with deadlines, and addressing a range of academic assignments that are either directly or indirectly related to writing.


Learning Tools, Resources, & Text Book Library
The SSS program owns a variety of learning tools and resources available to help promote and ensure student success. All resource items are available for student use and must be returned to the SSS program.  Failure to return items will result in the cost of the item being charged to the student's account.

The following items are currently available to our students:

  • Student Computer Lab (8 computers, scanner and copy/fax machine)
  • Dragon Speak Recognition Software (converts your voice to text)
  • Adobe Reader Software (converts text to speech)
  • Digital Literacy Lab (2 iMacs with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro)
  • Laptop computers (7)
  • TI-84 Plus calculators (12)
  • Livescribe Pulse Smart Pens (16) - Application
  • Academic planners/calendar
  • Sparks Charts Study Guides
  • Kodak Playsport digital cameras (3)
  • Canon Rebel T3i (1)
  • Campus copy card
  • Textbooks, 
  • Study Table & Resource Book Listings
  • Grad School & Career Prep Resources


Financial Literacy Workshops & Resources
The SSS program provides various financial literacy workshops. SSS students will receive assistance with completing their financial aid applications and have the opportunity to learn about credit, student loans, budgets, filing for taxes, and other financial issues.

Cash Course 

This website is filled with tons of financial information that can help you prepare for a successful financial future.  Please make sure you visit the website and register under "Students".  You will be able to create your own account and password. 

Please contact Nate ( if you have any questions or concerns using the Cash Course website.


Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources


Post Graduate Study & Career Planning
The SSS program provides guidance for post graduate studies and career planning.  We offer resources to help with post graduate testing such as the GRE, LSAT and MCAT.  There is also an opportunity for eligible junior and senior students to attend an overnight graduate school retreat, where students learn how to write a letter of intent, fill out financial aid forms, and work on graduate school applications.

The SSS program also has a strong working relationship with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center (LAPC). The LAPC provides students with support in securing internships and internship funding, exploring community outreach opportunities, preparing for graduate school, and receiving guidance related to career planning.

Focus on the Future
The Focus on the Future (FOF) program at Beloit College is tailored to help educate rising Sophomores, Juniors, and some Seniors about careers, leadership skills, research opportunities, and post graduate educational opportunities.  The program is designed to provide students the essential information needed to succeed their last few years at Beloit College and prepare them for life after Beloit.  Selected students will live on campus, attend daily workshops, and participate in a community project.  FOF dates are March 8th-11th, 2015.


Midterm Evaluations
Each semester, all faculty are asked to complete midterm evaluations for all SSS students.  These evaluations are completed just before Midterm Break and are designed to provide students with valuable feedback about their academic performance. 

The SSS staff uses the midterm evaluations to monitor students' progress and guide the advising process.


Informational Seminars
Our Informational Seminars are designed to increase first-generation, modest-income, and/or disabled students' performance and retention by exposing them to strategies and resources that can enhance their college experience. Workshops are facilitated by peer mentors, campus staff, program alumni, and/or experts in various fields.

Cultural Enrichment Opportunities
SSS provides opportunities for participants to experience a variety of cultural events, both on and off campus. Past events have included trips to Madison and Chicago for theatre, music, and dance productions. We also sponsor various guest performances on the Beloit campus.