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Meet Sociology Majors

 "Mini-Bios": A glimpse into the passions and pursuits of some current Sociology Majors

FERNANDO CLARK, Sociology and Political Science Double Major                     

Other Sociological Adventures: Summer 2012 participant in the McNair Program studying deviance. 

Advice to Sociology Majors? The Duffy program is a great way to get involved in the community. It gets you connected with an organization in the town that you are interested in, and you are able to work and learn about how the organization works.

Favorite Sociology Course: Juvenile Delinquency

Pro’s of a Soc. perspective? I enjoy the Duffy program because I am able to volunteer with an organization off campus. I use my sociological tools to understand what is going on in the organization and am able to help them think from a different perspective. Also doing research with the McNair program helped me learn that I have a passion for research.


EMILY SUMMERS, Sociology and Political Science Double Major, African Studies Minor          

Other Sociological Adventures: Studied through the SIT program to Uganda, with the focus of Post-Conflict Transformation; completed the ACM Chicago semester Junior year.

Advice to Sociology Majors? Do the Duffy. Working with the Beloit College Upward Bound program also helped me connect to the Beloit community.

Favorite Sociology Class: The Duffy

Why Sociology? I love how Sociology adds a level of analysis to my other disciplines--African Studies from a sociological perspective adds so much depth.


MICHAEL KRANTZ-PERLMAN, Sociology and Psychology Double Major                               

Other Sociological Adventures: Internship with Emotional and Behavioral Disorder Classroom at Todd Elementary School in Beloit.

Advice to Sociology Majors? Do the Duffy.  Get into the real world and see the social structures in action.

Favorite Sociology Course? Social Stratification

Pro’s of a Soc. Perspective? Learning to identify external social forces affecting situations.



Studied abroad through the SIT Brazil: Social Justice and Sustainable Development Program.

Other Sociological Adventures: Was a M3C AmeriCorps Fellow my First and Second Year. The AmeriCorps M3C Scholarship Program is designed to support predominantly low-income and first generation college students. Enrolled students (called M3C Fellows) serve their communities for one calendar year and receive a $1000 education award once they complete the program.  Also my first- year summer I interned at a consultation and treatment center for children with autism.

Advice to Sociology Majors? You must get off- campus whether that be through the Duffy, a separate internship, or simply to volunteer. Get to know where you are; Beloit the city is more than our campus.

Favorite Sociology Course: A tie between Duffy and Juvenile Delinquency & Justice.

Pro’s of a Soc. perspective? Learning about the concept of race in Brazil was fascinating, its social construction has made it a spectrum as opposed to the categories we have here.