Spiritual Life Program: Nadir Carlson'16

Nadir Carlson'16

Nadir Carlson’16

A resident of Beloit for over ten years, Nadir Carlson is incredibly active in the Beloit College community.  Whether he’s meeting prospective students, acting in Greek tragedies, or being a stalwart advocate for student government, Nadir is one of the friendliest and most respectful people on campus: “I try to treat people the way I think God wants me to treat people.”


Nadir’s faith is an important part of his life. He comes from an evangelical background and his father is a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church: “People might assume that I’m judging from a religious perspective, but I don’t think human beings have the power to know whether someone’s going to Heaven or Hell.”Nadir Carlson

“I try to live my faith, I don’t just try to be holy on Sunday.  I want to act like what a good Christian should act like, but it can be kind of stressful.”

“Since coming to college I’m more critical of my own actions, and a lot more willing to challenge my own tradition.   I think the church does a lot to say we’re THE CHURCH instead of doing the mission of the church.  The church has to do more creative things to attract more members and younger people.”

Nadir has wavered about how to talk about his beliefs: “Sometimes I’m afraid if I talk about my faith I’ll offend somebody.  I’ll talk to people when they ask, and I’ll ask questions.  I let people know where I stand. I know that there are religious groups on campus, but I prefer talking to them a separate people.  People are more genuine one on one.”

When asked about his convictions, Nadir responded, “I know God’s got a plan.  Sometimes I wish I knew God’s plan, but you know, we all find out eventually.”