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SLP Student Staff

 Spiritual Life Assistants

[Max Brumberg-Kraus `16]Hi, I’m Max Brumberg-Kraus, and I work with the Art, Body and Soul project.  I was raised in a hippie-dippie Jewish household, and my spirituality is grounded in Jewish Esotericism, Kabbalah, Hermeticism,  and the views of William Blake. I believe creative expression a sacred act and necessary for spiritual release. Through acts of creation we tap into the heart of what it means to be created in the image of God, and every piece of art is a continuation of Genesis. I am also the president of Interfaith Club. I love meaningful conversation, watercolors, and drag shows, so hit me up if you're interested.

[Amelia Diehl `17.jpg]Hi, I'm Amelia Diehl, and I'm a sophomore. While I was raised Quaker, I converted to Unitarian Universalism in high school. This is my first year working for Spiritual Life; I'll be working on the Better Together project and planning some programming for campus that connects environmentalism and spirituality. I am passionate about environmental and social justice issues, and am excited to explore how spirituality and faith can connect people to work towards action in these areas, and to add to one's sense of self. I think it's very important -- and endlessly fascinating -- to remember that we are all sharing one rotating sphere in space, and that we are part of this planet and each other. I also enjoy writing, biking, drinking chai, and finding out about new indie bands.

[Dylan Hackler `16.jpg]Hi, I’m Dylan Hackler, and I’ll be working with faith-based environmental activism for Spiritual Life.  I was raised as and continue to be a practicing Roman Catholic, in the traditions of Social Catholics such as Saint Francis of Assisi.  I believe that it is our sacred duty to live as a part of the natural world and global human community, not as exploiters and destroyers of it.  We are a part of a wondrous creation.  We should celebrate it!  I enjoy philosophical discussions and immersive story-creation.

[Anna Hartz `15]Hi there, my name is Anna Hartz. I will be the Christian spiritual life assistant, and I will be working with Christian students and organizations to help them express and share their faith on campus, as well as working with Interfaith and Better Together projects. I was raised in an evangelical Christian church, and while I have never drifted far from my Christian faith, I have since learned that God is much bigger and more loving than I had ever understood growing up. I have been a member of and leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since starting college, and am passionate about the spiritual lives and growth of college students. Because of this passion, I will likely be leading a small group for incoming students who are interested in figuring out how their spirituality (or lack thereof) fits in with their lives at Beloit. I'm studying Religious Studies and Classics, and spend most of my free time binge-watching TV and reading fanfiction.

[Julia Helmeid `15]

My name is Julia Helmeid.  This will be my senior year at Beloit and I look forward to strengthening connections (and developing new ones!) with folks of various spiritual backgrounds.  I was raised Lutheran and enjoy taking note of God everywhere (including--but not limited to-- the church).  Theology, choral music, food, poetry, and the immensity of Wisconsin seasons are my favorite things.

"...all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." ~  The Word of God, as revealed to St. Julian of Norwich

[Audrey Huigens `15]My name is Audrey Huigens, and this year I will be working to grow mindfulness at Beloit.  I was raised in a staunchly atheist household so, as a freshman, I would have never expected to be working in the Spiritual Life Program in my senior year.   I have been fortunate enough to be able to explore my spirituality during my time at Beloit by deepening my yoga practice (I am also one of the instructors for the Yoga Club) and becoming familiar with mindful meditation.  My formal introduction to the latter came in 2013 when I took Mindfulness Workshop.  I truly believe that living mindfully can foster a richer life by aiding us in encountering every single experience with patience and curiosity, and that meditation and yoga are powerful tools in this endeavor.  I am so looking forward to expanding the mindfulness community at Beloit.

[Richelle Perry]

Hey everyone, my name is Richelle Perry. I am a sophomore working for Spiritual Life on our campus’s Better Together campaign, a college interfaith social justice effort. We have been focusing on justice for incarcerated people and their communities for a few semesters and are planning to continue that work in the 2014-2015 school year. I come from a Unitarian Universalist background, and last year started a campus ministry group called Beloit Unitarian Universalists with a few UU friends. My beliefs hang out somewhere in the atheist-but-religious corner of Unitarian Universalism (talk to me about this!) and my favorite people in my denomination are the ones doing awesome radical justice activism. I study Anthropology and CRIS, and am interested particularly in exploring the intersections of religiosity/spirituality and other aspects of identity. I’m also really in to my cats and broadway musicals and cooking weird pasta dishes.

Office Assistants

[Pita Angeles `16]Hello, I am Guadalupe Angeles, although I tend to go by Pita around campus. I am a junior majoring in Critical Identity Studies and Comparative Literature and it will be my first year as one of the two Office assistants for the Spiritual Life Program. Raised in a Catholic Mexican household, my experiences with faith and religion have fluctuated between positive and negative throughout my youth that temporarily distorted my view of faith and spirituality. Although I do not consider myself Christian, I have since sensed in there is something much grander in others and myself that often goes misunderstood. It was not until arriving to Beloit that I realized this experience went beyond religion, and many things of the sort, that was capable of creating a negative or positive space. This realization has encouraged me to further explore spiritual and religious identities that permeate our daily interactions on and off campus, whether with people, texts, or our natural environment. It is my personal belief that the beautiful complexities of faith offer beauty that are the mysteries of life and create spaces for the sort of conversations that are valuable to enriching ourselves beyond the spiritual level.

[Nadia Hecker-O'Brien `15]My name is Nadia Hecker-O’Brien. This is my second year as an office assistant at the SLP, although I took a two-year break to pursue RAing and studying abroad in French speaking countries other than France (Morocco and Canada). I am a religious studies major, especially interested in the intersections of religion and social justice, and the role of women in Islam and Judaism, specifically. I was raised in a Reconstructionist Jewish community and continue to be connected to cultural Judaism through my involvement in progressive, collectivist, Jewish organizations and structures. I have dabbled in just about everything Beloit has to offer and after a year away I am excited to reconnect with my various communities.