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Sexual Assault Support

Information for Immediate Assistance: Beloit College Security 608-363-2355, SARP 24-hour Crisis Hotline 1-866-666-4576, National Sexual Assault Hotline 800-656-4673

Beloit College responds to those impacted by sexual violence and works to create a safe community for our students. We support sexual assault survivors and all others impacted by sexual violence. We provide counseling and support groups to Beloit College students. We strive to promote an environment of sexual respect, safety and well-being.

This site provides immediate and direct access to important information on Beloit's resources, policies and procedures for reporting, responding and preventing sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

Campus Confidential Resources

Beloit College provides trained sexual assault counselors on campus who can legally keep a sexual assault discussion confidential. This gives students complete control over their decisions to report a sexual assault/misconduct incident.

There is a confidential responder on-call at all times.

  • Teresa Leopold, Trained Rape Crisis Counselor: 608-363-2661
  • Tara Girard, Director of the College Health Center: 608-363-2331
  • Campus Counseling Center Counselors: 608-363-2643

Security can put you in contact with one of the confidential responders above

Sexual Assault Recovery Program (SARP)

SARP is a community based program whose trained advocates respond to the emergency room to support the victim. They will assist and guide the victim through the legal system as well as provide free sexual assault crisis counseling. The 24 hour crisis hotline is 1-866-666-4576.


We encourage everyone to report incidents of sexual assault or misconduct, regardless of:

  • The existence or retraction of initial consent
  • Any previous interaction or relationship
  • Drug and/or alcohol impairment
  • Whether the indicent occurs on or off campus, in public or in private
  • Gender and sexual Identity
  • Who is involved in the incident
  • How much time has passed

If you have been sexually assaulted, have witnessed a sexual assault or have information about a sexual assault, the College urges you to report it.