Investigation Process

When a student reports an incident of sexual assault/misconduct, the college will investigate to the extent it can with the information provided. The college will consult with the student who reported the incident about their wishes regarding how the investigation should proceed; the college may investigate even if the student decides not to participate.

This is the general framework for how an investigation is conducted:

  • Initial meeting with complainant to review rights and options
  • Written notification given to complainant of services available to them
  • No contact orders may be issued by the college – additional orders of protection and restraining orders may be issued by the court (college can assist students in this process)
  • Complainant writes an account of the incident
  • Initial meeting with the respondent, review of rights and options
  • Respondent writes an account of the incident
  • Meet with witness(es) and those with knowledge of events
  • Clarify information from witness statements with complainant and respondent
  • Follow-up meeting with complainant to review process and outline thoughts about possible outcomes
  • Follow-up meeting with respondent to discuss the incident and possible outcomes
  • Conclude investigation, issue written summary of findings and outcomes

More Information

For complete information on reporting and investigation process, please review the policy.

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