SEPM's K-12 Earth Science Education Committee's goal is to improve earth science education at all levels. We are committed both to identifying approaches and activities that have an immediate and direct impact on classroom instruction, and to working on long-term changes to ensure the prominent role of earth science in the educational system. We encourage all interested sedimentary geologists to become involved in informally helping earth science education by sharing their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with students and teachers. We have published three resource books to assist members in accomplishing this.

The committee recognizes that it is necessary to increase its role in promoting earth science education on a national level. Science curricula are undergoing massive overhauls, spearheaded by the creation of national science education standards produced by the National Research Council. The committee is an active member of the Coalition for Earth Sciences Education where, with other earth science professional societies, we work to ensure that earth science is a major component of science education.

We encourage all geologists to become involved in science education. Committee members have assisted by:

SEPM is committed to enhancing such activities by helping geologists get involved and stay involved.

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 Online June 1997; updated July 2008