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Forms and Info for Student Leaders

Event planning resources for Beloit College students, student clubs and organizations.


Any time a person is being paid for professional services (speakers, presenters, performers, etc), a contract needs to be in place.  Students may not enter into contractual agreements on behalf of Beloit College or their club.  The Director of Student Engagement and Leadership must approve all contracts before an event can be held or payment can be made.  In addition, all funding sources need to be in place prior to the submission of the contract worksheet.

A contract worksheet must be completed and submitted to SEAL at least three weeks prior to the program or event to allow time for approval. 

Using Space on Campus

You can view a complete list of bookable spaces, complete with room capacity, technology availability and detailed descriptions, on the room listing page.

There are many places on campus that are perfect for informal meetings or group chats and don't require a reservation. Some examples include study rooms in the library, group spaces in the library, DKs, Java Joint, and Sanger Science Center study spaces. If you need a 'drop in' space to gather in, contact the room administrator for the building you'd like to meet in & ask about the available options. You will find admin contact information on the room listing page.

Reserving Audio/Visual equipment

The Beloit College Office of Communications and Marketing serves college offices and departments and their promotional and special events needs.  Please use the Special Event Request form to request technical equipment (microphones, podium, projector, speakers, etc).

If you’re booking a room in Pearsons Hall, contact Kim Larsen at  Pearsons staff can provide similar technology and room setup services.     

Reserving from Facilities

Any requests for the following items will need to be requested through Facilities via the Event Planner Form at least two weeks prior to the event:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Extension Cords
  • Any special electrical needs
  • Extra trash bins/recycle bins


Any groups, organizations and departments providing funding as a co-sponsor need to submit a co-sponsorship form to transfer funds.  No purchases or contract worksheets will be processed until all funding sources are received and approved.

Ordering Food

Boxed lunches, soda, water, meals and desserts can all be purchased and arranged through Bon Appetit catering services

Movie Rights

Student clubs must purchase a license to show movies to their club members or campus community in order to avoid copyright infringements. The price for the license will vary depending on how the movie is going to be used, how many people plan to attend, and whether admission is charged. Please contact the Student Engagement and Leadership office for price quotes.

Printing needs

Contact Mona Hareid, Print Shop,

Students will need to pick up a red approval slip from Student Engagement and Leadership to purchase on behalf of clubs.

Master Calendar

An event submission form needs to be submitted and approved to be included on the master calendar.