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Shopping (Food, Clothes, Supplies, ETC.)

Clothing and General Supply Stores

  • Walmart Supercenter is open 24 hours a day, Walmart has everything from clothes to groceries to toys. WalMart is located on 2785 Milwaukee Rd.
  • Shopko is an alternative to Walmart.  Shopko is located on 2761 Prairie Ave. in Beloit.
  • Elder Beerman is a traditional deparment store and is located next to the public library at the Eclipse Center and is within walking distance to campus.

Shoe Stores

  • Payless Shoe Store is located within Shopko on 2761 Prairie Ave. 
  • Stanton Shoes is a locally owned shoe store in downtown Beloit. It's also just a short walk from campus! Stanton Shoes is located on 311 State St.
  • Rogans Shoes is located on 1960 Sutler Ave. next to Staples.

Flower Shops

Grocery Stores

  • Bushel and Pecks is a local food store, market, and restaurant focusing on organic and locally grown foods, located in downtown Beloit, just past the College's bookstore. Bushel and Pecks is located on 328 State Street.
  • Walgreens still offers a wide selection of food and other items, and located within walking distance of campus. Located on 910 Broad St.
  • Aldi Grocery Store is located at 2780 Milwaukee Rd. 
  • Save-A-Lot is small discount food store located on 1223 Park Avenue.
  • Woodman's Food Market is out of walking distance. Woodman's is located on 1877 Madison Rd.
  • WalMart Supercenter is located on 2785 Milwaukee Rd.
  • Piggly Wiggly is located on 1827 Prairie between Shopiere Rd and Henry Av.


  • Homecare Pharmacy is located within walking distance to campus at 1006 Woodward Ave. 
  • Walgreens Pharmacy is located within walking distance to campus at 910 Broad St.
  • CVS Pharmacy has three locations. Located at 1717 Madison Rd., 2149 Prairie Ave., and 1063 4th St.
  • Walmart Pharmacy is located at 2785 Milwaukee Rd.