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Getting Off Campus

  • Shuttles

    Schedule a ride to the Van Galder shuttle stop in South Beloit, IL. Shuttles are available most weekends during the semester. Also, shuttles are available on Wednesdays (departing at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm) and Sundays (departing at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm) to run errands or grab a Sunday dinner.
  • Recreation

    I want to get out and DO something. Where can I go?
  • Theaters/Music/Dance

    I want to sit, relax, and see a good show. Where are they?
  • Shopping (Food, Clothes, Supplies, ETC.)

    I need stuff. Where can I get stuff?
  • Transportation

    I know what I want, now how do I get there?
  • Local Area Restaurant Guide

    Want to locate the perfect place to take your parents or that special someone for a great meal? This is where to look.
  • City of Beloit Website

    The City of Beloit is now online! Follow this link to check out what the City has to say about our wonderful town!