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Science and Sustainability

An appreciation of the nature, content, and role of the sciences is essential to preparing socially responsible citizens to shape our country's future. Beloit College is committed to giving all its students a thorough grounding in the sciences.

By focusing on issues of global warming, AIDS, natural disasters, and nuclear power, many Beloit science courses seek to examine the science that is intertwined with real world issues. A solid understanding of the science provides a deeper understanding of the social, political and economic context of contemporary issues.

Introductory courses at Beloit do not distinguish between majors and non-majors. This reflects a conviction that the connections between science and society need to be evident to all students from the very start of their college careers.

“Every Beloit student needs to feel welcome and engaged in science, not only science majors, but everyone- because all students will be called on as voters to make policy decisions, and as citizens to address ethical issues that involve science.”

-Ken Yasukawa, Professor of Biology