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Green Building

Beloit College's Sanger Science Center is a high performance building whose design, construction and lifetime of operation reflects a deep dedication to sustainability.

As a green building, Beloit's Science Cener reflects careful consideration of the:

  • Exterior environment including landscaping, storm water management, heat island effect and light pollution
  • Water use in landscaping and building use
  • Energy use
  • Atmospheric emissions
  • Building material source, composition, and recyclability
  • Quality of the indoor environment for occupant safety and comfort
  • Utilization of the building as teacher provides opportunity for faculty and student research as well as interpretation and outreach

Beloit's Sanger Science Center achieved a Platinum level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.  The LEED Green Building Rating System insures that a building project meets strict sustainability and performance standards.

This LEEDâ„¢ certified building provides educational, institutional, community and economic benefits for students, faculty, staff, and the broad network of Beloit's alumni and friends.