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About the Sanger Science Center

The Sanger Science Center houses the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Math and Computer Science, Physics, and Psychology departments. The Center's design supports the innovative teaching and learning that is a hallmark of the sciences at Beloit College. Sited on what was once Emerson Street, it joins the "residential" and "academic" sides of campus. As a LEED certified green building, it reflects Beloit's commitment to building the right building in the right way for the College and the broader society.

In the Sanger Science Center we:

  • Promote higher levels of scientific understanding, generating renewed enthusiasm among non-science majors for active citizenship in a world increasingly defined by science
  • Foster interdisciplinary learning and research among all liberal arts
  • Energize our faculty, providing the tools and infrastructure needed to be more interdisciplinary
  • Provide a home for interdisciplinary majors including Biochemistry, Cognitive Science, Environmental Studies and Health and Society
  • House the summer Center for Language Studies program
  • Invite formal and informal use from across campus
  • Use this green building as a living laboratory to explore sustainability