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Reserving Space within the Sanger Science Center

All requests for use of space within the Sanger Science Center must be made by faculty/staff members through the campus Book It/Google Calendar system or an email request to the Sanger Science Center Program Coordinator, Taylor Ajamian. Please note, students are not allowed to reserve space in the Sanger Science Center, faculty/staff sponsors must do this for student clubs.

Reserving Spaces

Information on all reservable rooms in the Sanger Science Center can be found on the Room Directory webpage. Scroll down to the Sanger Science Center section and click on the room you are interested in learning more about. (All of the rooms’ details including capacity, technology, and even room availability can be found here.)

A detailed explanation of Beloit College’s booking process can be found on the Event Planning pages.

Through the Book It/Google Calendar process, once your reservation has been accepted, you will receive an email letting you know that the space has been reserved for your meeting/event.

Next steps after your request has been approved:

  • Request that your college-sponsored event be added to the Master Calendar on the Terrarium.
  • To request IT or AV equipment, please submit a request to IT via School Dude on the Portal; this is best done two weeks or more ahead of time to ensure that equipment is available for your event.
  • If you are reserving the Atrium, once your reservation has been approved, please be sure to fill out an Event Planner Form to ensure that Facilities will set-up your event how you would like; this should be done at least a week in advance.

Access/Use of the Science Center Rooftop

Roof requests get special attention because of the safety and security concerns associated with the roof. The Sanger Science Center Program Coordinator will check with the Science Center Building Committee, the Chair of Physics & Astronomy, and Security when requests for rooftop access are received.

The requirements are:

  • Roof requests are only accepted from faculty or staff members representing department, program, or office-sponsored events. Requests should include information about why other locations cannot be used for the event. A request on a student’s behalf must be accompanied by a letter of support from a faculty or staff person that attests to the need for roof access and the student’s level of maturity. Students must be accompanied by a faculty or staff person throughout the event, which means that students are not allowed to use the roof without the continuous presence of a faculty or staff person. Individual students may be allowed to enter the roof alone only if this use is approved by the Chair of Physics & Astronomy or the Science Center Building Committee following an interview to determine the student’s level of maturity.
  • Requests must be made at least one week prior to the start time of the event.
  • Requests to use the roof at the same time as major College events (e.g., Folk and Blues) will not be honored as Security does not have enough staff to cover major events and take care of additional rooftop duties.
  • The maximum capacity of the roof is 50 people at any one time.
  • Alcohol use by students is not permitted in academic buildings. The specifics appear in the Student Handbook section on alcohol policy, section II.7: “Students are not allowed to consume or be under the influence of alcohol in academic buildings.” Please include information about whether alcohol use is planned.
  • After the event is approved, arrangements for unlocking and locking the roof access door must be made with Security. A faculty or staff person must remain on the roof from the time that the door is unlocked until it is locked again. Security will only make these arrangements if the event has been approved. Additionally, the person/group making the reservation MUST check and secure all doors to the roof to ensure that no guest has accidentally or otherwise propped open or unlocked any roof doors.
  • People must remain within the railings at all times. Nothing may be thrown or dropped from the roof.
  • The person for whom the reservation is made is responsible for the behavior of individuals on the roof and for any incidents that might occur.
  • All items taken to the roof must be removed before Security relocks the access door.
  • Any exceptions to these rules must be approved by the Science Center Building Committee. 

Installation Requests

Installation requests get special attention and the Sanger Science Center Program Coordinator will check with the Science Center Building Committee and Security when installation requests are received.

The requirements for making a request are:

  • The rationale for the request and the names and affiliations of the parties making it, including staff and/or faculty sponsors.
  • The dimensions of the piece and any other items that would be mounted.
  • The location for mounting (i.e. if on the stairwell, which portion/part of the stairwell?)
  • Information on how these items would be mounted.
  • Installation may require Physical Plant; in which case, Sarah would need to consult with them and receive their approval as part of this process. Please be aware that this may mean that the process may take longer than one week.
  • If any costs are involved, provide the name and the number of the account that will be charged.
  • The dates for mounting and removal of the installation.
  • Requests must be made at least one week before the date of installation. 

When you are ready, submit a installation request.

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