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Reserving Space within the Sanger Science Center

All requests for use of space within the Sanger Science Center must be made by faculty/staff members through the campus Book It/Google Calendar system or an email request to the Sanger Science Center Program Administrator, Taylor Ajamian. Please note, students are not allowed to reserve space in the Sanger Science Center, faculty/staff sponsors must do this for student clubs.

Information on all reservable rooms in the Sanger Science Center can be found on the Room Directory webpage. Scroll down to the Sanger Science Center section and click on the room you are interested in learning more about. (All of the rooms’ details including capacity, technology, and even room availability can be found here.)

A detailed explanation of Beloit College’s booking process can be found on the Event Planning pages.

Through the Book It/Google Calendar process, once your reservation has been accepted, you will receive an email letting you know that the space has been reserved for your meeting/event.

Next steps after your request has been approved:

  • Request that your college-sponsored event be added to the Master Calendar on the Terrarium.
  • To request IT or AV equipment, please submit a request to IT via School Dude on the Portal; this is best done two weeks or more ahead of time to ensure that equipment is available for your event.
  • If you are reserving the Atrium, once your reservation has been approved, please be sure to fill out an Event Planner Form to ensure that Facilities will set-up your event how you would like; this should be done at least a week in advance.

Additional Resources: