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Statements of Support for Equity

Fall 2016

The faculty and staff of the Sanger Center for the Sciences at Beloit College, unite in our unwavering commitment to ensure that all members of our community feel safe and supported. We wholeheartedly endorse the College‚Äôs stated aspiration to become an inclusive, anti-racist institution.  We want everyone, especially our students, to know that our doors are open and we are ready to hear your thoughts and concerns.  We promise to listen and help as we can.  Last spring, we released a Statement of Support for Equity.  Given recent events, we wish to acknowledge that actions have consequences and can be hurtful.  We deplore all actions that isolate, demean, or threaten members of our community.  We stand together to work for positive change and fully support all students.

Statement of Support for Equity, spring 2016

The science and mathematics faculty and staff of Beloit College unite in recognizing that an equitable environment benefits all students, faculty, and staff. We invite the Beloit College community to join us in our shared undertaking to strategically and intentionally advance equity in the sciences and mathematics, and to diversify our professoriate by transforming our hiring practices. We will build upon our existing strengths and interrogate the barriers to equity and inclusion in our teaching, advising, and professional development. Our approach and assessment will be transparent and will be based on national literature and quantitative and qualitative institutional data. We commit ourselves to increase the quality of the academic, professional, and personal experiences of all our current and future students, staff, and faculty.