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Science at Beloit

Any way you measure it, Beloit College provides distinguished education in the sciences and mathematics. We have a talented faculty committed to hands-on and collaborative learning, innovative research, and equity in the sciences and mathematics. Our science faculty seeks to inspire all Beloit College students to a high degree of scientific understanding.

Why study Science at Beloit?

  • Beloit is among the top 10 percent of private colleges producing graduates who earn Ph.D.'s in mathematics, physical, and life sciences.
  • Beloit ranks 11 among 519 private baccalaureate colleges in the nation in producing graduates who earn earth science Ph.D.'s.
  • Beloit College is a member of WiscAMP (Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation) that strives to make minority students successful in their Math/Science studies and career goals. These efforts provides several programs ‚Äčand eligible students are encouraged to participate.  Further details are on the Beloit College WiscAMP page.
  • Beloit College is a national leader in reinventing science education through its involvement in the Keck Geology Consortium, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, and ChemLinks Coalition.
  • Beloit College is a member of the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science, which provides opportunities for students to present their research. Nineteen Beloit College students presented at the 2018 Midstates conferences!
  • Alumni scientists hold prominent positions in academia, industry, and health-related fields.