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Russian Studies Courses

Course information found here includes all permanent offerings and is updated regularly whenever Academic Senate approves changes. For historical information, see the Course Catalogs. For actual course availability in any given term, use Course Search in the Portal.

  • RUST 250. A Survey of Russian Culture (1). This course examines the essential themes that have persisted throughout Russia¬ís long history and the way in which those themes are manifested in the cultural traditions of the Russian people. Topics include folklore, religion, music, art, literature, and social history. (5T)

  • RUST 270. Topics in Russian and Soviet Film (1). This course examines Russian and Soviet film from the 1920s to the present. Topics vary and may include the relations between Soviet and Western film theory; the depiction of Russian history in Soviet film (for example, the mythology of the October Revolution); the impact of glasnost on Soviet film; or developments in post-Soviet film. Films by pioneering Russian directors such as Vertov and Eisenstein will be studied in the context of their impact on film theory, as well as of their relation to Russian and Soviet history. (5T)

  • RUST 390. Special Projects (.25 - 1). Prerequisite: sophomore standing.