Resident Assistant (RA)

                                                      WOULD YOU LIKE TO… a community builder?                                                                     a leader?

                                               a role model?

                     a resource?                  a programmer? a listener?                                                                            an educator?

                                                           ...BE AN RA?


Application Process

To apply for the RA position for Fall 2016 please submit application materials by 5pm on Wednesday, February 10th:

  • TWO REFERENCES need to be submitted on your behalf via Google forms
  • (If you are currently living in a community that doesn't have an RA, you may ask an RA you know to complete the reference form.)

LAPC is available to assist with working on your resume and cover letter on an individual basis, they will also be hosting a resume workshop specifically for RA candidates at 6pm on Wednesday, February 3rd in Mathers (Pearsons).

This application process is openings that we have for Fall 2016. Application materials will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled after the deadline.  The interview process contains several different types of emails that will take place the weekend of February 20th-21st.  Please review the important dates listed below.


1/18/2016                          Accepting Applications (send to

2/10/2016                          Applications Due (send to

2/17/2016                           Two Recommendations Due (one from Faculty/Staff, one from current RA)

Weekend February 20-21     Interviews Weekend


Forms (use your email account when completing the reference forms below)

Supplemental Questions

Faculty/Staff Reference Form

RA Reference Form


Resident Assistants

The 47 Resident Assistants (RAs) live on most floors and in most houses. Primarily, the RAs are a major resource for students living in the halls.  They actively engage in developing community, serve as support people, and are the connection between the student body and the administrative staff.

Resident Assistants receive extensive training and work with students in the following areas:

  • Peer counseling
  • Community building
  • Educational and social programming
  • Conflict mediation (roommate conflicts, relationship problems)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Campus resources and referrals
  • Policy enforcement / Community norm setting
  • RAs serve as liaisons between student affairs and the student body

RA job description


Head Resident Assistants
Head Resident Assistants (HRAs) are RAs who have previous RA experience, but take on more leadership responsibilities.  They have their floors or buildings like any other RA, but work closely with another HRA and a Hall Director in overseeing a complex of RAs.  There are three - six HRAs and one or two are assigned to each complex. HRAs have been RAs for at least one semester and are often-times seniors.  They lead programs for the RA staff, co-facilitate meetings, and are a peer resource for RAs.

The application process for the HRA positions occurs in the last two months of every spring semester and in the fall semester when there are openings for the spring semester.  HRA applicants fill out a slightly different re-application that is tailored for the job. 

HRA job description