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ResLife Sustainability Information

ResLife Sustainability Information

How to be sustainable in your room on campus:

*The heating and cooling system will work to make sure that the temperature inside is constant. The thermostat is set at 68 degrees in the winter, and in the summer it is set at 76 degrees to keep the temperature constant. If you don't feel comfortable at the set temperature it could help to have an extra blanket, sweater, or a fan.

*To help with efficiency keep your bed and desk at least 6 inches away from the heating/cooling unit.  Air flows in through the bottom of the cooling units and will not work as well if the air flow is blocked.

*Please keep the window closed in the winter. Cold air from outside can freeze the pipes and cause them to burst in as little as 30 min. This can end up costing you $5,000 in plumbing repairs, not including damages to the rooms below you.  It also wastes energy!

*Lock windows. This will tightly seal them so that no cold air is seeping in through the cracks.

*Closing the curtains on your windows can help insulate the room, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Give 'n Take:

What is Give ‘n Take?

Give ‘n Take is a concept in which you can donate unwanted usable items for others to use. You can also take an item that you think is cool. The goal is to put less in the dumpster by encouraging people to reuse items.

What To Give?

Clean clothes, pairs of shoes, accessories, working electronics, school supplies, room essentials, kitchenware

What NOT To Give?

Clothes that are dirty or seriously damaged, broken electronics, food items (this can attract unwanted furry friends), microwaves, fridges, beauty products, or other broken, damaged, dirty items.

Where to Give?

Posters are up in every building with instructions for that community's Give 'n Take.  If you aren't sure ask your RA!

What happens to Give 'n Take items at the end of the year?

All items that are left in Give 'n Take at the end of the year are donated to local charities.

Can I donate directly to local charities?

YES!  Here are some local organizations in the Beloit area: The Salvation Army, Caritas, Goodwill 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can talk to your RA or contact the office of ResLife at

Microwaves and Fridges:

If you have a personal microwave or fridge that you do not want anymore (or that is broken) please contact Physical Plant to arrange for disposal.  Fridges in particular are very harmful if not disposed of correctly.  Fridges contain chemicals, like freon, that help to keep food cool, these chemicals require special attention when we think about disposing of items.

E-Waste Disposal and Recycling:

Please visit the Beloit College Sustainability Recycling website to see information about our recycling program and how to dispose of unwanted electronics.

For more information about sustainability on the Beloit College campus visit the Sustainability website!

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