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Roommate Information

The majority of rooms on campus are doubles, meaning that the majority of students at Beloit College have roommates. The Residence Life staff uses the information provided by incoming students (on the placement questionnaire and housing contract) to match students with their roommate(s).  Generally, those who return their contracts and placement questionnaires earlier are given priority in the room selection process.

One of the most often neglected and abused relationships is the relationship you have with your roommate(s). This is often due to a lack of communication and/or consideration for your roommate's rights and personal preferences. A first step in building and maintaining a good roommate relationship is setting up boundaries and open communication lines.

The Office of Residential Life has come up with a list of questions to help you set guidelines for the way you like to live in your room. This has been converted into a roommate agreement form which can be found in the forms section. Answer these questions on your own, then sit down with your roommate and discuss your responses.

As always, the Resident Assistants and pro-staff members are willing to help in any way possible to improve your roommate relationship. It's never easy to set limits, so please don't be afraid to ask for a bit of help.  If needed, both the RAs and Hall Directors have training in mediation, and this can be very effective in helping to resolve disagreements or improve roommate relationships.