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Personalize Your Room

Maybe it's your favorite pillow that makes you feel at home. Perhaps it's that comforter that your grandmother knitted for you when you were only three. It could even be the poster from your favorite movie. There's always something you can bring from home to make your room feel more like home. Here's our list of things you may want to bring with when you move in to your new room!

What is Provided - The College provides: a dresser, mirror, desk and chair, a single (extra long) bed and mattress, and draperies/shades/mini blinds. Most mattresses measure 36" by 80".

What to Bring - You will need to bring the basics: bed linen including a mattress pad, blankets, a lamp for reading and study, towels, health essentials, alarm clock, waste basket, stereo headphones, drinking glass and coffee mug. In addition you may wish to personalize your room with plants, posters, and pictures from home. Some students bring a wall hanging or bedspread to make it more like home. The furniture is designed to be moved around the room in a variety of ways to suit you and your roommate's needs.

Student-Compiled List - Students have compiled a list of suggestions for items you'll want to bring. View or print out this list to assist.