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Nuts and Bolts of Residential Life

Community Norms - While residential life at Beloit College is largely self-governed, there are community norms that help to foster an environment of mutual respect and concern.

Food Service - Commons cafeteria, the main dining area, is located in Chapin Hall. The cafeteria serves 20 meals a week (excluding Sunday dinner). Bon Appetit provides unlimited seconds, giving careful attention to nutrition, preparation, and dining environment. A vegetarian option and an additional vegan entree are provided at each meal.
There are two alternatives to the main dining area located in Pearson’s Hall on the south side of campus.  D.K.'s Snack Bar serves sandwiches, salad bar, and grill items Monday-Friday only.  On the ground floor, the Java Joint now offers wraps, soups, salads, and other small items that are prepared at D.K.’s.

Laundry Service - Washers and dryers are provided in the lower level laundry area of each complex/hall (except Foreign Language Houses). The equipment is coin operated and monitored by the service company.

Mail/Packages – Mail service is located in Pearson’s Hall. Each student is assigned a box and can retrieve small items through their box at any time.  Packages and large items may be picked up at the mail center counter between the hours of 10:00am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

(Your Name)
Beloit College Box (Your Box number)
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511.

Phones - Students provide their own room phone. Local and campus calls can be made without charge to the resident from these phones.

Refrigerators/Microwaves - The College rents small (3 cu. ft.) refrigerators and small microwaves to students each year. These units will easily fit in the room and can be reserved for a term or academic year. Detailed information on how to reserve these items will arrive with the new student information.  Sustainability Tip: Any personal refrigerators that need to be disposed of cannot be placed in dumpsters, please contact Physical Plant so that they can be recycled.

Safety and Security - Beloit College makes every effort to make campus safe for students without creating barriers to building community. More information can be found on the Safety and Security page of this website.

Storage - The College has several rooms with high security locks designated as student storage areas. These areas are opened by appointment and are available to all residence hall students who wish to store personal items. Many of the special interest houses have additional storage for residents who currently live in the building or will be moving in the following semester. (The College is not liable for items stored in hall storage areas.)

Storage guidelines:

  • The preferred storage receptacle is a plastic bin with a top.
  • No storage receptacle may be larger than 35 gallons.
  • No storage receptacle may be smaller than 8 gallons.
  • All items must be stack-able.
  • All receptacles must be sealed and labeled. No open milk crates or laundry baskets.
  • Please label items with your name, class year, and box number.
  • Hard-bodied luggage is allowed.
  • No soft items may be stored.  Example: duffle bags, garbage bags, laundry hampers, furniture.
  • Please make sure that you do not have any perishable items in your sealed containers.
  • No furniture, lamps, mirrors can be put into storage unless they are in a sealed receptacle.
  • Plastic drawers may be storage if the drawers are taped shut and labeled.

Work Requests – If there is maintenance related problem with your room that should be addressed, Facilities can help.  Work Requests are handled through that office and you can contact them via the web or by calling extension 2200.  You can fill out a work request the School Dude tab on the Portal.