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Choosing Your Room

Being comfortable with your living environment plays a large role in academic performance. At Beloit College we work hard to make sure everybody is comfortable with their living arrangements. Please read through the following information on the various residence halls and special interest groups on campus to decide what type of living environment would most likely suit your needs.

There are several factors that create a comfortable living environment. Some things to consider when choosing a room are:

Do I want to live on a co-ed floor or a same-sex floor?

Do I want to live on a floor where alcohol is prohibited?

Do I want to live on a floor with 'round-the-clock quiet hours?

Is there a special interest floor/house that would better suit my interests and needs?

Whatever your preference, Beloit College has a place for you! For specific information on each residence hall, house, and/or floor, please explore the ‘housing options’ section of this site.

Room Lottery—Each spring, students select their rooms for the following semester(s). Students draw a number from a pool of numbers assigned to their class. When that number is called, they select a room from the pool of open rooms. The selection days are generally the first week in April, but students should watch their mail and email for information regarding the exact days. If a resident wishes to stay in his or her room, they may keep their room throughout the first day of room selection, usually a Monday.  Most students who will be seniors choose their rooms on Monday, Juniors choose on Tuesday, and Sophomores on Wednesday. First year students are assigned rooms based on availability after room lottery.

Students who have completed their first semester may wish to live in special interest or Greek housing. They must apply with each special interest house or Greek organization to live in the house. Students accepted to live in either a special interest house or a Greek house do not need to participate in the annual room lottery.

Please contact the Residential Life Office via email if you have any questions regarding room lottery.