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Upper-class Residence Halls

Upper-class residence halls are designated primarily for students in their junior or senior years. Occasionally, a sophomore may be able to get a room in one of these halls. These buildings usually fill up in the lottery system and thus are not available for new students.

815 College Street

815 is located on College Street and houses about 50 coed students in singles and doubles. The double rooms are two-room suites that share a small bath. The hall has a large common lounge, a kitchen area and a study lounge on the lower level. Sophomores and Juniors usually occupy this building. Suites in 815 may be designated gender neutral.

Clary Street Apartments

Opened in the 2006-2007 school year, the Clary Street apartments house 16 students in 4 apartments.  Similar to the Moore Townhouses, these two buildings offer 4 singles, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. Each townhouse also comes with a small porch.

Emerson Apartments

Emerson Apartments, built in 1897 as the women's dormitory Emerson Hall, was renovated and reopened in the fall of 2016. The building houses over 50 students in 4 studio apartments, 5 2-bedroom apartments for 2 students, and 19 1-bedroom apartments for 2 students. 

Haven Hall

Next to the Sanger Science Center and the Sports Center, Haven is designed in suite arrangements where a small group of students share a lounge and kitchen area. These suites may or may not be coed, depending on the desires of the students. Renovated in 1989, this hall has a lounge and instructional rooms on the lower level.  Haven Hall is also home to special interest houses.

Moore Townhouses

Constructed in 2003, Moore was home to the first apartment-style housing on campus.  The suites available in Moore offer four single rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room.  Seniors and juniors usually occupy these townhouses.

Wood Hall

Wood Hall is near the Sports Center and houses almost 80 students. Renovated in 1988, the hall is arranged in four vertical "house" arrangements, with each having a living room/lounge on the first floor and student rooms on the second and third floors. A large building lounge, two instructional rooms and a laundry room are centrally located on the lower level for all to use. In addition to a few rooms that are available during room lottery, special interest houses occupy Wood.