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Traditional Residence Halls

The majority of students reside in traditional residence halls. Within these halls there is a great deal of variety. All rooms are carpeted, and most floors have lounges. All but 609 and 810 have recently been renovated. The following halls traditionally have spaces for new students after room lottery is completed.

 A chart comparing the traditional residence halls can be found here.

609 Emerson

609 is a co-educational, substance-free residence hall of 40-plus first-year students. Women live on the second floor and men on the first. All rooms are doubles. Located close to the academic end of campus, it is next door to the Sanger Science Center. The hall has a large lounge area where residents often gather.

840 College Street

840 is a first-year residence hall. This former fraternity house was remodeled in 2005. Predominately made up of doubles, the common spaces in this house are very large. Located on College Street, it is in the center of the action.

'64 Halls

Porter, Whitney, Blaisdell, Bushnell, Peet

These halls are referred to as the '64 Halls (construction began in 1964). Renovated in 1994, these halls have mostly single rooms with an open lounge on each floor. Designed for privacy, each floor is constructed with two u-shaped sections, connected by a lounge area. All of the halls are coed; however, Porter and Whitney have single-sex floors. Blaisdell, Bushnell and Peet are coed by room. The Residence Life Office is located on the first floor of Whitney Hall. The College Health and Counseling Centers are located on the first floor of Porter Hall. The quiet floor and the alcohol-free floors are located in Bushnell Hall.  A gender neutral floor is located in Blaisdell Hall.

Aldrich Hall

Aldrich Hall is one of the largest and oldest residence halls. Built in 1946 and renovated in 1999, Aldrich houses over 100 students on two coed floors, one split floor of men and women and one small all women's floor. The majority of the rooms are doubles with some singles and a few triples.  There is a kitchen and lounge on the first, second, and third floors. The Aldrich smart classroom is located on the ground floor.

Brannon Hall

Brannon Hall holds over 60 students and is coed by floor with men living on the first floor and women on the second and third floors.  The rooms are mostly doubles with a few singles and each room has a sink. In addition to the lounges on each floor, the ground level contains a kitchen and is connected to Chapin, Maurer, and Aldrich via a tunnel.

Chapin Hall

Chapin Hall houses over 60 students and is located directly above the main dining facility, called Commons. The second floor is all women while the third floor is all men.  There are singles, doubles, and triples in Chapin, most of which have sinks in the rooms. There are lounges on each floor and the basement contains a classroom and a 24-hour computer lab.

Maurer Hall

Maurer Hall is comprised of approximately 50 students, all of whom are women. There are singles, doubles, and triples in Maurer and each floor has its own lounge.  There are kitchen and laundry facilities on the ground floor in the “Maurer Link,” a lounge area that connects the building with Aldrich. There is also a tunnel that connects it with Chapin and Brannon.