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Fraternities and Sororities

There are three fraternities and three sororities at Beloit College. Each of these organizations has a house where some of the members live.  The fraternities and one of the sororities are leased from the college by the organization. Sigma Chi and Tau Kappa Epsilon offer dining facilities independent of the college's food service.

Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau is a national sorority located between the Coughy Haus and French House, which was installed at Beloit College in 1999. Ten members of the organization live in the house.

Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta is a national sorority located at 837 College St. A kitchen, dining room, living room, TV lounge, and a fireplace are located on the first floor of the house. The sorority was originally a local sorority, Kappa Gamma Lambda.

Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Kappa Psi fraternity is located at 810 College Street. It houses about 20 of their members.

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi fraternity is located between 840 and the 810 College Street residence halls. The house usually holds nearly all its members.

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity is located on College Street between 840 and Porter Hall. Almost all of its members live there each semester.

Theta Pi Gamma

Theta Pi Gamma is a local sorority located on College Street next to the French House.  The organization decides five women who will live there each semester.