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Housing Options

There are four types of housing at Beloit College. As a first year student, you will be placed in a traditional residence hall. As early as the second semester, you will have opportunities to choose other options. You can review each section to learn about each residence hall.

You can view the campus map and select student life buildings to get more housing option details, or browse the links below to find housing based on the different types available.

  • Traditional residence halls—Traditional residence halls offer the most common type of housing at Beloit College. The majority of first-year and sophomore students live in this type of residence hall.
  • Upper-class residence halls—Upper-class residence halls are reserved primarily for juniors and seniors, but the occasional sophomore will be able to select a room in an upper-class residence hall.
  • Special interest housing—Special interest housing is housing for people with similar interests. Special-interest houses relate to language programs or campus clubs.
  • Fraternities and Sororities—Beloit College currently has three national fraternities, a local sorority, and two national sororities. This housing is open to individuals who have successfully met the requirements for joining a Greek organization.