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Express Checkout

Prior to the end of each semester, you will receive an information brochure from Residential Life outlining important details about checkout. Your RA will also host a floor meeting that will provide all the information you should need for a smooth checkout process. If you have additional questions regarding checkout, talk with your RA or professional staff member.

When checking out of your room you have two main options. You can do a traditional checkout with your Resident Assistant where you go through the room and together note the damages in the room. The second option is an express checkout. You can use this if you do not want or feel the need to do the checkout with the RA.  You can get this form from your RA, the residential life office, security, or print it from here.  (Note: if you choose to do the express checkout, you waive the right to contest charges that are assessed based on the damage in the room.)

Express Checkout Form