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Safety and Security

Every attempt is made to provide safe, secure buildings. All members of the residence community must share responsibility for security. All residents can help in this process by: reporting suspicious strangers to Security, not propping open exterior doors, and keeping room doors locked. The College cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of personal property. Students are encouraged to obtain insurance on their possessions.

Many of the residence halls are accessed using a key card system that utilizes the student IDs as ‘keys’.  Students who live on campus are granted access to these residence halls from 7am until midnight, at which time only the cards of the students who live in that particular building will open the doors. Many of the houses, however, do not use the ID system; rather, the students are issued exterior door keys.  No matter the system used, students are advised to pay attention to who attempts to enter the building when they open the door and are encouraged to ask unknown individuals why they are going into a building.

Students are strongly encouraged to keep their rooms locked at all times.

For any further information on safety and security on the Beloit College Campus, please feel free to contact the Office of Residential Life, the Dean of Students Office, or the Beloit College Security Office.