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Programming Initiatives

As an institution that values the development of the whole student, Beloit College offers a wide range of programs and events.  Through the resident assistants and hall director collateral assignments, the Office of Residential Life provides many programs touching on a wide assortment of areas. 

Resident Assistant Programming

The 40 resident assistants (RAs) provide ongoing programs for the residential halls and houses.  In the beginning of each semester, these programs are designed to build hall community and provide avenues for friendships to foster.  Throughout the year, the RAs are encouraged to offer programming in a variety of areas, including:

  • Social
  • Community service
  • Educational
  • Wellness
  • Cultural
  • Spiritual
  • School Spirit

In additional to floor and building programming, the RAs as a group provide nine large programs per semester and many more all-campus events. Some programs in the past have included:

  • Fall Crawl
  • Candlelit Ghost Walk
  • B-Town Run Around
  • Clothesline Project
  • Wall of Oppression
  • Free STI testing
  • Garden Parties

These programs attempt to address the needs and wants of students. Therefore, every student, regardless of employment with ResLife, is encouraged to develop program ideas. The Residential Life staff is more than happy to work with students to facilitate new initiatives.

Residence Life Coordinator Collateral Programming

There are three Residence Life Coordinators in Residential Life and each maintains a collateral assignment in addition to their duties with RAs.  Some of the collateral positions have included:

  • Alcohol and Drug Education Coordinator
  • Director of the Campus and Community Outreach Center
  • Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Coordinator
  • Director of the Multicultural Center

These initiatives provide a wide variety of programming in specific focus areas.

The Alcohol and Drug Education Program (ADE) offers information regarding the effects of the use of alcohol and other drugs.  In addition to distribution of such information, this program also offers substance free programming for those who choose not to use.  The program has organized game nights, poker tournaments, and other activities during the late-night hours.

The Campus and Community Outreach Center (CCOC) provides a variety of community service programming for students.  Primarily, the CCOC offers tutoring for children of the Beloit community.  College students volunteer to tutor the children and the center organizes schedules and provides the space.  The CCOC also offers other community service opportunities and programs, including blood drives, polar plunge swims, and other events.

The collateral assignments are always evolving and will develop new initiatives each year, providing innovative programming and ideas for the campus.