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The Professional Staff

The Professional Staff (Director, Assistant Director, Area Hall Directors) work with students on issues and concerns involving living on campus and eating in the dining hall. They provide opportunities for learning and growth through programs, activities and student interactions created through positive hall environments. The Staff is trained and capable of helping with many issues and concerns. Some of these include:

  • Personal counseling issues (i.e. depression, homesickness, problems at home, suicide, relationship problems, roommate conflicts, sexual assault, personal harassment, adjustment issues)
  • Social issues (not making friends, not feeling connected peer pressure, what to do in Beloit, Outreach Center opportunities)
  • Academic issues (not going to class, lack of motivation, study strategies in residence halls)
  • Behavior management/discipline (irresponsible alcohol use, vandalism, drug abuse, violence, policy violations)
  • Crisis intervention (personal injury, fire, severe weather, violence)
  • Referral to campus resources (campus counselor, Health & Wellness Center, Learning Support Services, Career Services in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center, World Affairs Center)
  • Drug and alcohol education programming (substance free events, educational information)
  • Multicultural Education

Community Service Opportunities (off campus experiences and on campus tutoring.)


ResLife Staff





John Winkelmann, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life

John has served as Director for over 30 years. He is dedicated student learning, student governed communities with an emphasis on relationships and residential support for the academic mission of Beloit. He has a B.S in Biology and M.Ed. in Counseling from Loyola University in Chicago. In John’s spare time he has served for the last 20 years on the Beloit School Board. He enjoys working on his home including gardening and cooking. 

Sarah Coyer, AD




 Sarah Coyer, Assistant Director

Sarah joined the Res Life team in November 2014.  She is very excited to return home to Wisconsin after spending a wonderful 5 years in Illinois at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She has a B.A. in Theatre from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and an M.S. in College Counseling and Student Development from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota.   

Elise Bottensek





 Elise Bottensek, Office Coordinator

Elise officially joined the Res Life family in March of 2012 as the Office Coordinator.  She loves spending time with her family to go letterboxing and on hiking trips to Devil's Lake and Starved Rock.  She belongs to a (greeting) card-making club, plays Bunco, and enjoys working in her yard.