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The Beloit College Office of Residential Life oversees the workings of over 30 housing buildings and 1200 students.  It employs four professional staff members, a full time Administrative Assistant, 40 Resident Assistants, and support staff including student workers.  The department offers a wide variety of programming initiatives, addresses most college policy violations, and supports the Campus Center, Campus and Community Outreach Center as well as the Alcohol and Drug Education program.

Living on a residential campus can be a very exciting part of the college experience. Residence hall living provides opportunities to develop new friendships and skills, and to learn about new ideas, beliefs and cultures within a caring community atmosphere. Living on campus also provides unique opportunities for interpersonal learning and growth as students live, study and play with the rest of the campus community. The residential “living education” is a key part of our Beloit experience.

Beloit College recognizes the importance of the residential education.  Therefore, the school mandates that students live on campus for six semesters of their Beloit College experience.  (Note: Off-campus study semesters count towards the six semester requirement.) Most students choose to live on campus for all four years. The high percentage of students living on campus, combined with the fact that most of our students come from great distances, creates an active and dynamic community throughout the week and on the weekends.