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Annual Theme

The theme of 2021-2022 Beloit Residencies is “Citizenship, Migration, and Belonging”.

The theme of 2021-2022 Beloit Residencies is ?Citizenship, Migration, and Belonging?. Credit: Artwork by Hannah Kang'22In 2021-22, four of Beloit College’s signature Residencies have coordinated to offer a robust series of events around the common theme of Citizenship, Migration and Belonging.

This year will provide a unique opportunity to engage deeply with the pressing topics of migration, the rights of undocumented people, the plight of stateless people, and the surging refugee crisis.

Upcoming Events


The Rights of the Undocumented - Weissberg Chair Residency with Jason De León

The Weissberg Residency will focus on the Rights of the Undocumented, with Weissberg Chair Jason De León.


Annual Themes

The annual theme initiative is aimed at helping make stronger connections for students across the co-curricular events in order to integrate diverse disciplinary perspectives on a common topic of vital global importance.

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