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Transfer, AP, GCE, and IB Credit

Transfer Credit

No more than 15 units (60 semester hours) of transfer credit (including a maximum of eight (8) AP, IB, or GCE A-level units: see below for additional information) will be applied toward the Beloit degree. Work done elsewhere will be recorded in equivalent credit units (one Beloit unit equals 4 semester or 6 quarter hours).  Only courses with a "C" or better grade may be considered for transfer.

All academic work on the college level and of a liberal arts nature, undertaken at other accredited institutions, and successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better, must become part of the student's permanent record at Beloit. Official transcripts of such work must be presented at the time of application for admission.

Transfer credit will apply only toward the total number of units required for graduation. Normally at least half of the courses used toward fulfillment of major requirements must be completed at Beloit College. Determination of the number of transfer credits used toward major or minor requirements is made by the chair of the appropriate department, in consultation with the registrar. Students who expect to use transfer credits to fulfill major requirements should consult with the major department. This consultation should occur at the earliest possible time.

With advance permission of the advisor and the registrar, enrolled students in good standing are permitted to take designated courses at other accredited colleges and universities, and to transfer credit earned in such courses to Beloit College without payment of extra fees to Beloit. Beloit degree requirements and any field of concentration restrictions concerning transfer credit must be observed.   The Transfer Credit Authorization Form is available in the Registrar's Office or see link on this page to the on-line form.

Grades from transfer courses will neither be recorded on the transcript nor included in the Beloit grade point average.

No more than 3 units of distance learning course work (e.g. extension, correspondence, or online) will be allowed toward the degree.  Enrolled students seeking transfer credit for such work must secure the prior approval of the advisor, the relevant department, and the registrar.

No more than two units of credit may be transferred during the senior year, except with the approval of the Academic Performance Committee.

Official transcripts of such work should be presented as soon as possible after completion of the work.

5 Domain and 5 Skill requirements (beginning Fall 2011):

No transfer course work taken after matriculation at Beloit College may apply to any of these requirements. Students may apply only transfer credits earned prior to matriculation at Beloit College toward these requirements, with the following restrictions:

  • Only one out of the three required writing courses may be a transferred course.
  • The intercultural literacy requirement must be fulfilled at Beloit College.
  • AP/IB/GCE A-level credits may not be used to fulfill any of these requirements.

Advanced Placement and Credit

Up to 8 units of credit from tests administered outside the College, such as the AP, IB, or GCE A-Level examinations, may be applied toward graduation.  Students with applicable credit should have an official transcript or score report sent to the Registrar's Office.

Beloit College offers advanced placement or credit by examination with preference for the CEEB's Advanced Placement (AP) program. AP subject examination scores of four and five guarantee 1 unit of credit and placement.  A student may request an official score report of AP results at

The following AP course credits will not substitute for an introductory or major/minor course, but will count toward the 31 units required for graduation:

  • Art History
  • Computer Science Principles (beginning in Fall 2016)
  • Economics – Macro or Micro
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • History – European, United States, or World
  • Human Geography
  • Latin
  • Music Theory

Other AP course credit policies:

  • No credit is awarded for AP Capstone: AP Seminar and AP Research.
Test Policy
Art - 2D Design, 3D Design, or Drawing May replace a 100-level studio art course - see Dept. Chair
Biology May replace a 100-level biology course - see Dept. Chair
Calculus AB or Calculus AB subscore Credit (1 unit) for mathematics; For placement into other mathematics courses – see Dept. Chair
Calculus BC Credit (1 unit) for mathematics; for placement into other mathematics courses – see Dept. Chair
Chemistry Credit (1 unit) for introductory chemistry; may enroll in CHEM 220 or CHEM 230 – See Dept. Chair
Computer Science A Credit for CSCI 111 - strongly encouraged to see CS adviser for placement
Environmental Science Credit for intro science requirement for ENVS Major
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Follow language placement recommendations from modern languages department
Physics C: Mechanics Credit for PHYS 101
Physics C: Elec & Mag. Credit for PHYS 102
Physics 1 Credit for PHYS 101
Physics 2 Credit for 1 unit of 100-level physics elective
Psychology Credit for PSYC 100
Statistics Credit for MATH 106
U. S. Gov't & Politics or Comparative Gov't & Politics Count for POLS 110 and 130, respectively; may enroll in 200-level POLS courses with minimum AP exam score of 4

Students who have taken the General Certificate of Education advanced-level examination (GCE A-level) will receive 1 unit (four semester hours) of credit for each passing grade (A, B, or C).  To determine placement, students should consult with the appropriate department.  Up to 1 unit of history GCE A-Level credit may apply to the history major as a 200-level elective.

Advanced standing also will be given to students who complete the International Baccalaureate (IB). One unit of credit will be given for each score of 4-7 for those who take the higher level IB examinations, and for each score of 6 or 7 on a standard level examination.  To determine placement, students should consult with the appropriate department. Up to 1 unit of history IB credit may apply to the history major as a 200-level elective.

The College reserves the right to review each test to determine its acceptability. The appropriate academic department will review it in consultation with the registrar.