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Registration Guidelines for New Students

New Fall 2018 Students

We look forward to your arrival on campus in August!

  • You'll meet with your advisor in August during orientation (New Student Days) to talk about your course selections.  To prepare, check out the most current information about course offerings by going to

 the Portal


Tips for successful registration:

  • You may register for a maximum of 4.75 units.
  • Do not sign up for a course for which you do not have the necessary prerequisites.
  • Select primary course selections as well as alternates, in case you cannot get into all of your first-choice selections.
  •  Doublecheck meeting times, so you don’t schedule a time conflict.
  • The normal course load per term is 4 units. At least 3 units per term are required for classification as a full-time student. A minimum of 1.50 units per term is required for classification as a half-time student.
  • More information about on-line registration will be available after you arrive on campus.  You will register during August orientation, after consulting with your advisor; to prepare for this, see the following link for information about searching for classes and registering Search & Register Tutorial.


Should you need to make a change in your schedule after classes start in August, see Drop-Add Procedures.

SPECIAL NOTE:  As per action of the Academic Senate, a student may register for a maximum of 4.75 units prior to the first day of classes.

On or after the first day of classes for a given term, students wishing to elect units in excess of 4.75 may do so with the written authorization of both the major advisor and the Registrar. Such approval requires that the student have a minimum grade point average of 3.200 and no incompletes, and shall be made only after evaluating the student's academic progress and the reasonableness of his or her program.  No student may register for more than 5.5 units in either the fall or the spring term. Students seeking an exception to this policy may petition the Academic Performance Committee. For details, go to Course Overload Policy.


Useful resources from our Website (also linked from the Portal):

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o   Beloit College catalog and supplement

o   Course overload policy

o   Academic calendar

o   Liberal Arts in Practice requirement and completion form

o   End of term assignments and exams

o   Transfer credit policy