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Registration Guidelines for Returning Students

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  • All continuing, off-campus study, and current vacation term students intending to return for the Spring 2016 term must register in November.


    o   You must get approval from your major advisor (or if you are undeclared, from an FYI or Transfer or Exchange advisor) in order to enroll in classes during on-line registration in November.  First-years and sophomores who have declared a major may be cleared for registration by either their FYI or major advisor.  So, schedule a meeting with an advisor before November 9!

    o   Your advisor will clear you for registration after your advising meeting.

  • Check the Courses/Registration window in the Portal before online registration begins to make sure your advisor has cleared you to register; there will be a message in the middle of the window telling you if you’ve not been cleared.

    o   If you are currently on an off-campus program or a vacation term, you should correspond with your advisor via email.  Also watch for an email in mid-October from the Registrar with additional details about registration.

  • May I enroll in more than 4.75 units?  No, not prior to the first day of classes in the Spring.  On or after the first day of classes (January 18, 2016), students wishing to elect units in excess of 4.75 may do so with the written authorization of both the major advisor and the Registrar. Such approval requires that the student have a minimum grade point average of 3.200 and no incompletes, and shall be made only after evaluating the student's academic progress and the reasonableness of his or her program.  No student may register for more than 5.5 units in either the fall or the spring term. Students seeking an exception to this policy may petition the Academic Performance Committee.  For information, deadlines, and the procedure to request an exception, go to course overload policy
  • Attend activities during Advising Practicum, Wednesday, October 28.
  • Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor between Thursday, October 29 and Friday, November 6.
  • Go to the Portal to peruse the course offerings for the upcoming term, before your advising appointment. 
  • Tuesday, November 10-Friday, November 13: Register yourself on-line via the Portal.

         o   November 10, Day 1, beginning at 7:30 am: up to 1.00 unit of credit.

         o   November 11, Day 2, beginning at 7:30 am: up to a total of 2.00 units.

         o   November 12, Day 3, beginning at 7:30 am: up to a total of 3.00 units.

         o   November 13, Day 4, beginning at 7:30 am: up to a total of 4.75 units.

             NOTE: On-line registration closes at 9:00 pm on Friday, November 13.

  • Monday, November 16-Friday, November 20

      You may add/drop during this special add-drop week, if you need to change your course selections or were unable to register during the previous week of on-line registration.

      If you are intending to be full-time for the Spring term, make sure you are registered for at least 3 units by the end of this week. 
      No student may register for more than 4.75 units until January.

           Add/drop is via the paper add/drop card.  Approval of the instructor (either a signature or a Portal authorization override) and signature of an academic advisor are required to make changes. Turn in the signed add/drop card to the Registrar's Office.

           See Academic Calendar for Spring 2016 for additional add/drop dates.

  “WHAT IF….? TIPS to help you successfully register”

1)   I cannot sign up for a course because it says I’ve not fulfilled the prerequisite, but I have transfer credit that qualifies or I have instructor permission to enroll.

Ask the professor to “authorize” your enrollment in the Portal, which will then enable you to register yourself.

2)   What do I do if I failed a course and am planning to repeat it this Spring?

You cannot register for the course on line.  Contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

3)   How do I sign up for a special project, an internship, or TA credit?

You cannot do that on line.  You must complete a Special Project Contract form for a special project, an Internship Registration form for an internship, and an add/drop card to register for TA credit.

4)   I want to take a vacation term next term:

Contact the Dean of Students Office to schedule an Exit Interview.

5)   I am currently studying off campus.  How do I register?   

Follow the same procedure as on-campus students.  Contact your advisor via email.  If you think you may have a problem connecting to the Portal from your remote location, then email a prioritized list of your course selections to no later than Sunday, November 8, and the Registrar's Office staff will take care of registering you for courses.

6)   I am currently on a vacation term.  How do I register? 

Follow the same procedure as on-campus students.  Contact your advisor via email, unless you are in the Beloit area and can set up a personal appointment.

7)   I have approval to study off campus next term.  Do I need to register?

The Registrar's Office will register you for the appropriate “SAB” (study abroad) or “OFFC” (domestic) program. Some “SAB” programs require enrollment in the corresponding IDST 288 (Cities in Transition) course as well. If your plans change, promptly notify OIE and also email

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