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Departmental Honors

Departmental honors work offers the promising student individual counsel and supervision in the accomplishment of a creative or scholarly project, pursued with that intensity and freedom which is seldom possible in the classroom. Intended to encourage and reward independence of thought, intellectual maturity, and distinguished academic achievement, independent study leading to departmental honors is offered by all departments of the College.

Honors work is open to any student who, in the judgment of the department concerned, is promising enough to do it adequately, has earned at least a 'B' average in the major, and has completed six terms of credit work.

Departmental honors work centers upon the writing of a thesis or the undertaking and satisfactory completion of some creative or scholarly project approved by the department concerned. Departments may also require an examination and other requirements, and may withhold the awarding of honors if the student's work is not of honors quality.

Requirements for departmental honors: (a) the consent of the department chair, normally given not later than the beginning of the first term of the senior year, and reported by the department chair to the registrar not later than two weeks after the opening of that term; (b) a minimum of one and a maximum of two courses of honors work to be completed for credit, and to be recorded as departmental honors. Recognition of achievement in departmental honors is recorded on the student's permanent record. The chair will furnish the registrar with the names of those students to whom departmental honors are to be awarded. Those who do not receive honors may be given course credit for their work.