Final Grades 

Final grades are not mailed to students but are made available via the Portal. 

The Portal is an interactive web application that enables a currently enrolled or vacation term student to view information such as their class schedule, final grades, transcript, and demographic profile.  (In order to use the Portal effectively, a student must have a valid Beloit College email account.)

the Portal

Audit Policy

A credit course may be converted to an audit course at any time prior to the end of the period to add courses.   See Academic Calendar for dates. 

Students in good standing who do not qualify for a particular course on the basis of prerequisites may, with the instructor's consent, audit the course without charge.

A successfully completed audit will be noted on the transcript with an “AU” grade; no credit is earned for an audit.  The audit notation is given when, with the consent of the instructor at the beginning of the course, the student attends the course without intention of maintaining graduation standards of performance, but does maintain a standard of performance which the instructor conceives as adequate for an audit.  Audited courses may not be converted into credit courses.  Laboratory, studio, and applied music courses normally may not be audited.

The form for registering an audit may be obtained at the Registrar's Office.


No student may receive a grade of “I” for a course simply because of failure to complete required assignments on time. Incompletes shall be granted only in cases of serious illness or injury, family crisis, or some other substantiated unforeseen circumstance beyond the control of the student that would make it impossible to complete all course requirements by the end of the semester. Such extenuating circumstances might include unforeseen unavailability of resources, computer problems or failure, theft, or destruction of materials, etc.

Students who believe they can demonstrate a legitimate need for an incomplete should: 1) obtain an Incomplete Contract from the Registrar’s Office or download a copy (see link above right); 2) seek instructor approval to take an incomplete and establish the terms of the contract; 3) return the signed contract to the Registrar’s Office. The deadline for completing this process is the last day of finals week. In cases of illness or injury occurring at the end of the semester, notification from the Dean of Students to the Registrar will suffice to initiate the process.

Unless the instructor stipulates a shorter time period for completion of the work, an incomplete must be satisfied within eight weeks of the end of the semester in which it was received. In exceptional cases (e.g., lengthy illness) the instructor may petition the Academic Performance Committee to extend the period of the incomplete.  See Academic Calendar for due dates .

A regular letter grade will be recorded upon notification by the instructor to the Registrar. Incompletes normally will convert to the grade of “F” at the end of the eight-week period unless a request for an extension has been approved. As long as an “I” remains on his or her record for a course, a student may not be enrolled for credit in any course which has that course as a stated prerequisite.  A student may not graduate while an “I” remains on his or her record.

Repeated Courses

A student may repeat a course only if she/he has received an “F” grade.  A student opting to retake a failed course will be evaluated CR/NC. If the student receives a “CR” in retaking the course, the “F” shall not be figured into the student’s grade point average, but shall be recorded on the student’s transcript as“ RF.”  If the student receives lower than a “C” in retaking the course, a grade of “RNC” shall be posted. 

The grading policy on repeated courses: 1) applies only to courses taken at Beloit College; 2) applies to “topics” courses only if the same topic is repeated. A “topics” course is one that may be repeated for credit if the topic is different; 3) does not apply to music lessons and  music ensembles; 4) does not apply to dance courses that  may be taken  twice for credit.