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Credit by Exam

Credit by examination may be earned for any course unless specifically excluded by the offering department. The word 'examination' is taken to mean any form of evaluation required by a department and may include as much written, laboratory, studio, or other type of evidence as is normally required of students who are regularly enrolled in the course. If such evidence is not required, the examination should involve methods of evaluation equally rigorous. A department may suspend credit by examination in particular terms, if required by the absence of particular faculty members from the campus.

Interested students may obtain from the department titles of books normally used in the course and a course syllabus or other information as to course content. A student who believes he or she has the necessary knowledge, preparation, or background to establish credit by examination shall make application to the appropriate department chair no later than the end of the second week of the semester. If the student has a reasonable chance to establish credit, he or she shall arrange for the examination, together with all relevant material required by the department, to be completed no later than the exam period for that course. Credit by examination shall be evaluated as 'satisfactory' (equivalent to a grade of 'C' or above) or 'unsatisfactory,' and shall be recorded on the permanent record if satisfactory. Failures will not be recorded. A student attempting credit by examination shall not be entitled to formal instruction in the subject matter of the course. There will be a $100 fee for a completed credit by examination.